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FDF-2240 Laser feeder
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One-year warranty, life-long maintenance, baojiao package, the leading brand in laser industry,

FDCF-2240 automatic feeder,

Three major upgrades: Thick Sheet Metal Shell, upgrade operating system, compact conveyor belt,

Working humidity: 5%-95% (no condensed water)

Cooling mode: Industrial Refrigerator,

Transmission system: Step Motor, x-axis precision belt drive, y-axis precision rack, linear guide,

Control panel: Chinese and English Control Panel (optional)

Cutting width: 2200mm * 4000mm

Support picture format: GIF BMP jpge pcx TGA TIFF CDR dxf Plt

Laser type: CO2 Laser Tube,

Laser Power: 80W / 100W / 130W / 150W / 180W (optional power)

Max cutting speed: 0-600mm / s (depending on material)

Max cutting thickness: 30MM (depending on material)

Max Carving Speed: 50m / Min (depending on material)

Machine details:

1\true color large screen simple operation: color screen control panel with professional laser control board card, complete functions, simple operation can support dual heads, support online transmission, offline work.

2\ high quality laser tube optional: stable power, spot focusing, long service life, high cost performance.

3\ encryption chain more compact: more compact, no clamping, high quality workmanship, excellence.

4\ new laser head (optional) : normal laser head and calibration laser head are optional, easy to adjust. Industrial laser head, two, three or four heads can be moved to adjust the processing area, more convenient operation, save materials. CCD camera identification system is optional

5\Three-phase stepping motor: reasonable transmission system, electronic limit switch, shorter response time, using stepping motor, high torque and low calorific value.

6\ widened tank chain: adopt high flexible widened tank chain, longer service life and more safety.

7\ feeding and adding, automatic feeding and machine synchronization.

Applicable materials and industries:

Can be used for cutting cloth, leather, paper, felt, plush and other flexible materials, suitable for clothing, plush toys, leather goods, soft furniture, packaging, printing advertising, decoration, construction, paper products and other industries, to meet the flexible material large surface material, cutting work.

Leather, artificial leather, and other leather materials, cotton, silk and other textile or non-woven, plush toys

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