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cnc carving machine 1218 adversiting industry billboard/crystal words/PVC/PCB en
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1.Furniture industries: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods,  antique furniture.

2. Decoration industries: screens, wave boards, advertising boards and sign making.
3. Arts & Crafts industries: Engrave on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles.

4. Processing material: engraving, milling and cutting processing for acrylic, PVC,

artificial stonesplastics and soft metal sheets suv.

Q1.how to get the most suitable machine and best price

please tell the  material you want to working on ?

How to working on it ? Engraving ? Cutting ? Or other ?

What’s the MAX size of these material ?( length ? Width ? Thickness ?)

Q2.If we donot know how to use the machine,can you teach us?

Yes,we will ,if you come to China,we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely.And if

you are busy ,we will have the special engineer to your country,but you need to bear some fee,like

tickets and hotel and meal.

Q3.How about your after-sales service?

we offer you 24 hours service phone,skype or MSN.

Q4. Quality  Control:

The whole production  procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The

complete machine will be tested to make sure they can work  very well before being out of factory.

The testing video and pictures will be available before delivery.

FL-1218 make 3D on wood with rotary:

How to use CNC Router:

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  • 0086-13506358857
  • 0086-13506358857
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