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feeding machine FDF-1610
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FLF-1610 automatic feeder  


FDF-1610 laser cloth cutting machine is the combination of laser application technology and flexible material processing. According to the characteristics of continuous cutting of flexible fabrics, it is equipped with an automatic crawler-type feeding platform. The intelligent control board is used to realize the automatic operation of fabric cutting and conveying. The laser cutting technology is fully applied to fabric cutting. Compared with traditional tool cutting, laser cutting has unique advantages:

1. Non-contact cutting, which can better cut the elastic cloth, overcome the tensile deformation of the material during the cutting process, and meet customer requirements for cutting accuracy;

2. The light beam is thin and the slit is small, which can realize the rapid cutting of complex contours;

3. Thermal cutting, in the process of fabric cutting, realize automatic hemming of the cutting edge of the fabric, prevent the fabric from drawing, and facilitate the sewing process of the piece.

Machine parameters:

Laser tube type: CO2Laser tube power: 80W / 100W / 130W / 150W
Engraving format: 1600x1000mmCutting speed: 0-400mm / s
Laser tube life: up to 10,000 hoursMinimum forming character: English alphabet 1x1mm
Voltage: 220V ± 10% 50Hz or 110V ± 10% 60HzSupport software: ArtCut / Corel Draw / PhotoShop / AutoCAD
Supported file formats: PLT / DXF / BMP / JPG / GIF / PGN / TIF, etcDrive type: three-phase hybrid servo motor
Working platform: automatic feeding platformMaximum pixels: 2500DPI

Applicable materials and industries:

It can be used to cut fabric, leather, paper, felt, plush and other flexible materials. It is suitable for clothing, plush toys, leather goods, software furniture, packaging, printing advertising, decoration, construction, paper products and other industries Formatting and cutting work.

Product detail presentation:

1. Industrial laser head, two, three or four heads can be shifted to adjust the processing area, which is more convenient to operate and saves materials. Optional CCD camera recognition system.

2. Reasonable wiring: Each machine has a reasonable wiring system, which increases the safety of the machine and increases the cooling function.

3. The large color screen operation screen is easy to understand and easy to operate. The Chinese and English panels can be customized and installed as required.

4. The plotter uses Taiwan guide rails, domestic well-known brand laser tubes and three-phase stepper race motors. The machine has a long service life.

5, thick sheet metal body, the body is made of high-quality thick square tube welded, heavy bed, fast speed, to ensure work accuracy.

6. Equipped with a feeding system to achieve fully automatic high-speed batch processing. We are more professional in cutting felt, leather and fabric industries.

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