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Samples Made by Fiber Marking Machine
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Industry Application:

Phone manufacturing, microelectronics, automotive industry, medical equipment, clocks, metal, jewelry,

sanitary ware and so on.

Laser marking in non-metal materials:

1.The color contrast of keyboard characters after marking is good, feel smooth, neat edge.

2.Non-polluting, non-shedding, in line with the electronics industry safety and export standards

3.Marking readable barcodes and 2D codes

4.Hyperfine processing is available

5.Marking moving objects online, ideal for packaging industry

Laser marking in metal materials:

Usethe laser beam of high energy density mark beautiful illustrations on the variety metals, alloys and

metal coating surface. Main application areas are hardware tools, machinery parts, machinery and

instruments, auto parts, hardware, electronic components , computer communication components and

devices clothing accessories, medical equipment, signs nameplate, tableware, hairstyling tools, watch

and jewelry, stationery gifts and so on.

Marking on Camera:

Marking on Plastic:

Marking on Ring:

Color marking test:

Marking on Phonecase:

Photo Marking:

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