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Desktop Fiber Marking Machine
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Technical advantages

A. High stability

B. No maintenance

C. Low energy consumption

Service advantages

1.Providing professional laser solutions

2.Exquisite sample fabrication

3.Timely response line for facilities maintenance

4.After-sale service nets are covered nationwide

5.Satisfy the personal demand of customers

6.Adequate spare parts provide reasonable guarantee

Industry Application:

Phone manufacturing, microelectronics, automotive industry, medical equipment, clocks, metal, jewelry,

sanitary ware and so on.

Laser marking in non-metal materials:

1.The color contrast of keyboard characters after marking is good, feel smooth, neat edge.

2.Non-polluting, non-shedding, in line with the electronics industry safety and export standards

3.Marking readable barcodes and 2D codes

4.Hyperfine processing is available

5.Marking moving objects online, ideal for packaging industry

Laser marking in metal materials:

Usethe laser beam of high energy density mark beautiful illustrations on the variety metals, alloys and

metal coating surface. Main application areas are hardware tools, machinery parts, machinery and

instruments, auto parts, hardware, electronic components , computer communication components and

devices clothing accessories, medical equipment, signs nameplate, tableware, hairstyling tools, watch

and jewelry, stationery gifts and so on.


1. 24hours technical support online or by telephone.

2. Free Software updated for life

3. Support after sales service for life

4. Provide operation manual and video.

5. One year warranty from the delivery date under normal operation.

6.Support on site installation


1.Who are we?

A: We are a professional laser company who manufactures sales and services for laser and automation devices.

We adopt the newesttechnology from overseas, integrated the strong technical and process application.

2.Whats kind of machine will you provide?

A: We have different type laser machine: laser marking machine series, laser cutting machine series, laser welding

machine series. For the laser marking machine, we can provide CO2 laser marking, Fiber laser marking, UV laser

marking, Green laser marking and Semiconductor laser marking.

3.Your laser marking machine can meet CE requirements?

A: Our laser marking machines are with the certificate of CE.

4.Can you print my picture or logo on the machine cover?

A: Yes,OEM is available.We can print your picture or logo on the machine case when we have your authorization.

5.Can we change the shape based on the original?

A: Yes, our product can be customer-made according to your requirement.

6.Whats kind of guarantee you give?

A: For the laser machine our warranty time is 1year. During the free warranty, customer normal use of the device

of this contract caused by equipment failure and damage for free maintenance warranty.

Working video for FL-10E:

  • 0086-13506358857
  • 0086-13506358857
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